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core services

Extremely dense and highly accurate LiDAR captured from manned and unmanned aerial vehicles or ground based mobile platforms.

Highest resolution FLIR Thermal sensors capture extremely accurate temperature data from manned, unmanned and ground based mobile platforms.

Industrial grade optical sensors allow for sub CM GSD image captures and orthomosaics for the most demanding mapping needs.

INDUSTRIAL AEROBOTICS was formed by a team of business savvy Power Utility engineers who have a long history with the Bulk Power Industry, Aviation, Remote Control Technologies, and Industrial Automation. This unique combination of diverse expertise has not only allowed our employees to work in a field they have a passion for, but also positioned Industrial Aerobotics to help its clients to use cutting edge technology to achieve extraordinary business results.


Power Industry Experts

With over 100 combined years of Power Utility experience, our staff understands your business, how it operates, and how it is regulated.


Require photogrammetry or lidar mapping? We have a vehicle that can carry the load, cover the areas you need, and deliver the data all safely and autonomously.

Unmanned Aircraft Technical Authority

Industrial Aerobotics is a 1 stop shop for all your UAS technology, vehicle, sensors, and support needs. 

Solar and Wind OM Optimization

Solar inspections using UAV is becoming the preferred method for organizations to identify operational issues with their solar fleet. 

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